Gary began writing music when he was a young kid growing up in the small South Texas community of Three Rivers, Texas. It was a town that had one traffic light, few paved roads, and no movie theatre when he was growing up. Although things have changed in his hometown, Gary has not. He is still that same small town boy that has a firm grasp on his Country Roots. Later during his time at Texas State University in San Marcos (SWT at the time), where he pursued a degree in Journalism and Communications, Gary would put together lyrics and melodies on scrap paper while sitting in class. He penned the songs "Hillbilly Honky Tonk", "A Six Pack Ago", and "Lost Her in a Poker Game" during that time. It was then he realized that MUSIC was much more important to him than school.

After leaving college, Gary stumbled upon an audition to be the lead singer of WILDCARD. A high energy "show band" that performed all over Texas for over a decade. Between 1995 and 2008 WILDCARD dominated the South Texas dancehall circuit. He gained many fans that have followed him through the years. Gary learned how to entertain and become a showman during that time. It was important for him to take that experience and move it to the next level. 

With a burning desire to put an original music CD together, Gary started his own group he has dubbed "the 20x Band" and picked up where he left off. He finally put together a CD of some of his original songs as well as a few covers as a tribute to his dancehall days. Now that his debut  CD "CLOSING TIME" is available, the rest of the world can see how versatile a singer, songwriter, and performer he has become.

While establishing one of the most popular bands in South Texas, Gary married his beautiful wife Stacey and has two sons that he dedicates every moment away from the stage to spending time with. Balancing those two parts of his life has made it difficult to come out with a second CD, however if you ask him he will tell you, “any day now”.  So stay tuned. Gary has plans on bringing some more original music very soon!